Warbringer / Enforcer – Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St. Paul MN – September 18th 2019

Kyle Hansen RKH Images; (www.rkh-images.com)

Warbringer and Enforcer brought their co-headling tour to St. Paul’s Amsterdam Bar and Hall. This is a great place to get some local brews and great food. The venue also has live music and national acts all the time. If in St. Paul is is not to be missed.

Hex Vortices was the second warm up act, missed Blodwar hopefully next time. Hex is local Twin Cities thrash band that just put out their second release Revival Fires. They had a shorter set due to time restraints but the crowd was right up front and sang along to every tune. They ripped the place up and had a huge mosh pit going before the main acts. If you are a fan of any genre of metal check them out.


Warbringer was up next. Now I will admit I went in not knowing what to expect cause I had never heard them before. Where the hell have I been. These guys were amazing. Brought me right back to the 80’s thrash metal. Take Exodus, Testament, Slayer, Metallica, Nuclear Assault put them in a blender and this is Warbringer. I knew I had to cover this show by knowing their names for years. I still don’t know why I never listened? Well I’m here now and glad. They songs were heavy, catchy, thrashy, moshy and all that metal should be. As I shot the show it just kept getting better and better. John Kevill has a perfect metal voice. Sometimes a good scream sometimes a harsh scream. The band has gone through some changes and did and awesome job tonight. We also got a preview of a new tune coming from a new album to be released soon. As I am new to these guys I am diving in head first with all the albums!! I know bad metal head, I should know this band.


Enforcer is headling tonight. They are flip flopping on the tour as I over heard. These guys are also new to me. I really have to start trading more tapes to get some more music. I was again blown away by this band. They came out with a full blown hyper set. Banding their heads and tearing it up as they were in front of 50,000 people. I love when bands just come and kill it. I thought it as April Wine meets Metallica. Total look from 84, moves with guitars all together, smiles and jamming their hearts out,. Again where the hell have I been. So did some research, their first album came out in 2008. Now they are on in support of their latest release Zenith. We got a bunch of tunes that surrounded their whole career. They were more melodic and not as thrashy. Now don’t get me wrong they were still heavy!! My friends were giving me crap all night that I have never heard either one of these guys. I know should know about these guys. Olof and Jonas Wikstrand started the band in 2004, Brian Wilson is sitting in on drums for the tour for Jonas. Tobias Lindqvist on bass and new lead guitar player Jonathan Nordwall were also on top of their game. They also had one of the best twin axe attacks I’ve seen in a long time. Reminded me of Maiden and Priest. I really can’t say enough about this band.


Overall this was an amazing night. This tour is not to be missed. Even if you just know the names be like me and just go. You will not be disappointed. They are on tour until the end of October every night. It is a brutal schedule but they will kick ass every night. Make sure not to miss it. I have included links after each band. Thanks again guys for an awesome night of metal!!!

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen