One of the main things about the Warped Tour is that it’s a very positive event! There’s a lot of donations and charity that takes place during this awesome and very well organized gig! It’s always nice to see really big events go to a good cause! There were 50 bands at The Warped Tour and one of the great things to see is that even the smaller stages with the local bands had decent size crowds. The main stages were of course packed all day long, I watch people move from one stage to the other as other band started playing. Another very interesting thing is that when multiple bands are playing at once there wasn’t any conflict in sound at all! This whole event was filled with very high-energy, tons of people running around, moshing and of course plenty of beer drinkers out and about as well. I can’t list every single band, but I will say that Minnesota’s very own After The Burial had one of the greatest reactions throughout the entire day. Other bands like Emmure, The Acacia Strain and Carnifex really got the crowd moving as well. Hatebreed and GWAR were the pioneers of the show. Those guys of been around for a very long time and have always put on a great show. GWAR of course sprayed blood everywhere as usual, yet the crowd was asking for it and I got exactly what they wanted. Overall this was a very fun event, as I said it was truly a beautiful thing to see that a lot of positive notions were happening at this gig. Tons of great bands and a lot of people that just want to have a good time. I anticipate next year’s Warped Tour!