Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – March 25th 2019

First Avenue and 93x The Pit present Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – Graveyard and Demob Happy.

Demob Happy opened the show. I have never seen any of these bands today so was excited to see some new European / UK doom metal. Demob is a trio from Brighton. They are a harmonizing three piece that rocked it right away. Thomas Armstrong the drummer beat the crap out of the drums for their short half hour set. I dug their upbeat metal songs. They have 2 full length albums and several ep’s going back to 2011.  Gonna have to go back and check their stuff out.

Click here for their web page.

Graveyard from Gothenburg Sweden had the middle slot. Wikiapedia explains them as a metal folk doom act. I would say if you mixed Motorhead and Tom Petty you might get something like Graveyard. I really enjoyed them. They had a lot of groove to their music and the vocals are not all screaming. That can get old at times. I like the way the musical arrangements were through out the songs. Lots of changes and breakdowns. It was obvious that half way through their set they were gonna get a full heading set playing for a good 75 minutes. Did some research and they have 5 full length albums going back to 2007 and 3 ep’s during that time.They are in support of their latest release Peace. A friend of mine Mike was their just to see Graveyard. If you need some good Swedish metal check these guys out.

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Headlining was Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. I have known about these guys for a while but have never seen them live, so was excited to see what they are all about. Talk about a trip back in time. When the stage screen came up you get a dark stage and huge screen with their logo and trippy video going on.I Ioved the feel it gave the club, like we walked back in time to a cool club in the seventies. The band is so cool. They have this Sabbath meets Alice Cooper thing going on. With them jamming all night and introducing us to their new album Wasteland. Littel different than their earlier releases but still fantastic. Just has a vibe that has changed from their previous releases. Still great don’t get me wrong. They have had a few personnel changes through out the years but Kevin Starrs is the main guy in the band.AKA Uncle Acid. Since 2010 they have had 5 full length albums and a ton of singles. When I heard about this I checked out their albums and wow was blown away, and seeing they are a metal band from the UK makes all the sense in the world. That’s the music I love. However you listen to music check these guys out.

Click here for their webpage.

A little shout out to First Avenue. This place is the best venue to ever see a show. The staff is professional the bartenders are great and the over all history is amazing. I have been coming here since 1984 when I first saw Accept on the Balls to the Wall tour. I have never had a bad experience at this club. If you are coming to Minneapolis make sure to swing by. Thank you everyone at First Avenue.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen