TOOL at the Xcel Energy Center on June 9th with a stunning performance!

Seeing a Tool show is almost like seeing a Geomagnetic storm for the first time or a Volcano erupting right in front of you. Tool is known for their live shows, they are filled with hypnosis oriented lasers, eloquent and abstract canvases with some very profound occult symbolism. It’s literally like being taken through The Sacred Mirrors gallery by Alex Grey! People just simply stand there in complete awe….

The opened the show with “The Grudge” of their album “Lateralus”. That track really set the mood for the rest of the show, due to the massive drum solo that sounded like a bunch of bombs going off at the end of the song. The crowd was so loud that I had to plug my ears!

Tool is the type of band that inspires their fans to “think for themselves” Yet, also they inspire so many musicians because they are at the pinnacle virtuosic musicianship. Here’s a band that has incredible mainstream success even though their music isn’t directed towards the general public. Their music is filled with occult based geometry, odd time signatures, implied metric modulation, polyrhythms and much more! With that being said, the creativity is off the charts too! TOOL IS A MUST SEE!

Beyond what these guys are about, the performance was an 11 out of 10! Amazing sound that just battered you into oblivion and a captivating light show that just melts your mind. There was no technical difficulties and no fluctuations in sound. Maynard as usual was in the shrouds like a ninja! He was dressed in his swat gear that had a Starbucks badge that said “I heart guns and coffee “. Adam and Justin were up front rocking the crowd with those amazing riffs and solos. Danny beat the living hell out of the skins too! Of course he had the spotlight on him through most of the set.

It’s been over a decade since they’ve released any new material for Tool, yet be patient because it’s definitely worth the wait!

Set List:  The Grudge – Parabol – Parabola – Schism – Opiate – Aenema – Descending – Jambi – Third Eye – Forty-Six & 2 – Drum Solo – Sweat – Stinkfist

Review – Richard Fisher

Photos on by Richard Fisher