Todd Rundgren – Ames Center – Burnsville MN – May 3rd 2017

Going in I did not know what to expect from Todd Rundgren. I’ve known of his music since I was a kid. I remember being exposed to wizard a true star as well as many of his other early albums. I found him again when he released a second wind which I thought was a really well put together record. I had no cares one where the other what he played other than I would’ve liked to of heard hammer in my heart which is a utopia song.

The concert overall was really good because the musicianship is stellar and the songs were very catchy. The first three or four songs Todd came out in a suit and tie with two dancers and a large LED screen behind them. He performed several numbers some of which were quite dancy. I found Truth to be a really good song, very introspective.

After the first section, he came back out with his guitar. He seems so much more free for the lack of a better term when he was playing an instrument. I would say the highlight of the concert for me was a song called strike. It was very up-tempo and almost metal in a way. I looked upon the audience who was mostly made up of people in their mid to late 60s getting into this heavier song. I thought to myself I wonder if they would even listen to a hard rock band?

The light show was fantastic and the Ames Center is a very quaint and wonderful theater. I highly recommend going to see a show they are when you get a chance. The light show was fantastic and the huge LED screen was really a fantastic addition. Todd had remarked during the show that he appreciated the fact that the theater could accommodate the entire production. The only odd thing to me about the show was that the band was behind the LED screen.

Todd Rundgren seems to be a very eclectic artist who loves to push the boundaries and try different things. I can see why he has a loyal fan base that he does and I would deftly go see them again the next time he comes to town.

Review and Photos by Tommy Sommers