The Rolling Stones – Soldier Field – Chicago IL – June 25th 2019

The Rolling Stones in Chicago, what else can you say. This is the town and the music that attracted them to meet, listen to music, become friends, and then band mates. They then proceeded to be one of the most iconic bands in the history of time, but of course we all know that.

I have seen the Stones multiple time and this will be my third show in Chicago. This was to be the last day of tour, but with Mick’s heart surgery it was the second. They had to move all the dates. Glad they did not move the Chicago dates as this one was on my calendar. On the drive down I listened to Kieth’s biography on audio book. Very interesting book. It starts from when he was a kid and nothing is off the table. I highly recommend reading or getting the audio book.

If ever going to a Rolling Stones show, and don’t miss this one if close to you, watch their social media. They always post rules and regulations from each stadium to make the in and out easy. Plus they have a song you can vote on to have them play at each show. The stage had 4 huge towering vertical video screens on Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie. Some of the other guys got on them but it was mostly on the four. For them it was a pretty simple stage, sometimes they go way overboard like the Voodoo Lounge stage. That was still one of my favorites.

Performance wise it was perfect. Mick just had heart surgery but you would not know it. He commanded the stage like a 75 year old should. Yes he is about 30 days shy of his 76th birthday. It is amazing how healthy he is. He also posted some videos a week after his surgery dancing and training for the tour. His voice still held the test of time. Keith was pretty much himself on the side of Charlie. He moved around a little bit but mostly just hung on stage left most of the time, until he does his songs on lead vocals then he is center stage. Tonight we got Slipping Away and Before They Make Me Run. Ronnie did most of the leads as usual and Charlie and Daryl keep the band tight.

About half way through the show they come out to a second stage in the audience. Wonderful for us who were back there. Get up close to the band, and just the four guys come out and do a two song acoustic set. Tonight we got Play With Fire and Sweet Virginia. If you would have told me they were gonna play those two I would have said Don’t Bet on it. Wow that was way cool to hear them live. The rest of the setlist was awesome, Bitch, Monkey Man (voted on song) were also in there.

Who knows if this will be the last time. Mick said he is always looking at the next tour while they are on tour, and at the end the screen said See You Soon. One can only dream it will happen again.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen