The Foo Fighters – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul MN – October 18th 2018

93x and Live Nation present The Foo Fighters live at the Xcel Energy Center

This is the last night of the US dates for The Foo Fighters. This tour has been going on since June of 2017. I have been watching this tour for a while good to see it is finally coming here.

Tonight was a huge rock n roll show. They came out with the lights on and just got the crowd all ready for the show.

Seriously never thought this band would get to this point when they first came out. They were ok just did not think superstardom was in the cards.

Hey what do I know. I liked Nevermind but was never a fan on Inutero. I feel the drugs were showing in the music.

But love what Dave Grohl and the band has done. Everything this guys touches is gold.

Opening was Gang of Youth. They opened with a small bit from Bastards of Young. Surprised did not see that coming.

Will have to listen to them more to get the real feel. I do like they are a band playing music. We need more of that.

This is the end of the road for this tour, except they have 2 more shows in Canada for make up dates so it is but it isn’t.

The band was on fire tonight and the energy they still have after this long of a tour is amazing for the 3 hour tour.

If maybe Dave did not take so long for band introductions and talk talk talk it might have been a half hour to 45 minutes shorter.

But don’t get me wrong the show was amazing, but the banter can get a tad long.

He a great thing going with McDonald’s references going all night. Smears was the Big Mac, Taylor was the Happy Meal and so on.

As far as the playing goes the band was fantastic. All the songs were played excellent, only complaint was besides Grohl, Taylor and the keyboard player they seemed a little like we can’t wait for this tour to be done. Maybe they are just doing their part.

During the second song he invited a blind kid up on stage with his parents for a few songs. He went over and had him toch the guitar and just gave him a good time for the show.

Set list was filled with greatest hits and a bunch of covers. One being a mash of Imagine from Lennon and Jump from Van Halen. Not my most favorite mash up by they did seem to enjoy playing it.

Taylor came down from the drum set to do Under Pressure from Queen and we did get to see Dave play drums, always a treat.

Since this was the end of the tour they added White Limo and Cold Day in the Sun in the encore.

Overall it was a 3 hour epic show.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen / RKH Images