Tech N9ne – The Myth – Maplewood MN – November 30th 2018

RJF Photography Copyright.

Tech N9ne brings an electrifying show to the  Myth!

Most hip-hop shows are pretty mellow as far as the reaction of the crowd, yet Tech N9ne produces so much energy it’s almost like being at a metal show! Tech N9ne really knows how to rev up the crowd! People were even moshing which is unheard of when it boils down to this genre of music.

Everything about the show was pretty much perfect! Tech was absolutely phenomenal, flawless and incredibly entertaining. Everything from the lights, and sound was just flat out awesome!

Set list Fresh out – Strange Music box – Riotmaker – It’s alive – Sickology 101 – Dysfunctional – Einstein – E.B.A.H – No reason – Anxiety – Starting to turn – Straight out of the gate – URALYA – Stamina – Spaz – Unstable – Kill shit – He’s a mental giant – World wide choppers – Welcome to the Midwest – Speedom – This Ring – Caribou Lou – Don’t nobody want none – Erbody but me – Good go crazy

Review and photos by Richard and Cody Fisher