Steel Panther – Cabooze – Minneapolis MN – June 8th 2019

Steel Panther live at the 93x’s Rock N Ride Harley-Davidson Bike Show with special guests Pop Evil.

Back for another onslaught of heavy metal was Steel Panther at 93x’s Bike Show. It was located between two awesome bars in the Twin Cities, The Whiskey Junction and the Cabooze. Both are staples of the music community here, so to have a bike show from the premier hard rock station make sense.

Doors opened at 4pm and there was a huge amount of motorcycles there to be judged for a 100 bucks and 2 tickets to see Iron Maiden in August. Not bad for just showing off your bike.

Local Metallica cover band One opened to be followed by Pop Evil. We got there about 3 songs into Pop Evil’s set so will check out ONE next time around. Pop had the place packed and rockin’ when we showed up. We just hung in back and had a few and watched the show. They have a great following when I see them. The energy they bring is awesome. They are still in support of their Self Titled album that came out in early 2018. I am sure we will see more new music from them soon. For more info on Pop Evil click HERE.

Steel Panther, what else do you have to say. These guys took a genre of music and made it their own. I have seen them several times and each time is just as good as the last. This time around we got a lot more cover tunes than the last times I have seen them. Jump, Livin’ on a Prayer, check out the setlist for the whole thing. Now don’t get me wrong they played all out favorites also. Since this was more of a party I think they decided to have just a good time. Typical fun banter between the guys was there. Having a super fun time with the crowd was there. The band themselves were in great moods. We said hello before the show and they just treated us like friends they have not seen in a long time.

Satchel has been around for awhile, playing with Rob Halford’s Fight and several other bands throughout the years. He is one of the best guitar players out there. Even saw the pussy melter pedal in his gear. If you were lucky enough you got one when they came out. They are going for a pretty penny on ebay. As the night went on so did the drinking. For Pour Some Sugar on Me they brought a bunch of girls on stage. While up there shooting one of them took a dive off the back drum riser. Be careful up there girls. They always have fans up on the stage to party and tonight was no different. They also threw in Glory Hole at the end that was not on the set list.

Tonight was a great night to get away, have a few, see a ton of people I have not seen in a while and enjoy some Steel Panther. They bring back the good times and heavy metal for all of us to enjoy and I thank them for that. I do know that they are working on the new album that should be out by the end of the year. Death to all But Metal!!!!

Check out all there fun videos. music videos, shop and everything else you need at their webpage HERE.

Setlist – Eye’s of a Panther – Goin’ in the Backdoor – Jump – Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) – Asian Hooker – Poontang Boomerang – Shout At The Devil – Crazy Train – Satchel Solo – Girl From Oklahoma – Livin’ on a Prayer – Pour Some Sugar On Me – Community Property – Death To All But Metal – Glory Hole – Party All Day.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen.