Seether – The Myth – Maplewood MN – August 4th 2017

Seether The myth 8/4/17

The very first thing I noticed about this band as I showed up early to collect my photo pass is how incredibly happy all of the fans were as they left the meet and greet experience. I’ve been to a lot of those in my career and there’s always smiling faces. This was a little bit different though, they were really happy and seem to be talking about it. It wasn’t just one group of people, it seemed like every person who came out the door was over the top excited. I met a lot of their fans, what a great group of people they have following them. I can always say that about every band.

I was not familiar at all with Seether up until a few days before the show. I listened to a lot of their music on YouTube and was very impressed by the songs themselves as well as the vocals. Not to compare them too heavily, but it felt a little bit like Sixx AM or at least in the same vein. There were three opening acts that night, none of them are really worth mentioning. It’s not that they were bad but they were missing an element. I thought about this a lot and it really comes down to the songs. The opening acts just didn’t seem to have it.

Moving on to Seether they brought exactly what the crowd wanted, and energy filled night of loud rock ‘n roll. I found myself standing there closing my eyes several times during the show just soaking in the music. Incredible musicianship is the term that comes to mind. They have extremely well-written songs that stick in your head. They played several songs off their latest release “Poison The Parish” and closed the night with their most well-known song “Remedy”. Due to how dark the lighting was for the show, John Humphrey the drummer let his son come up and play the last song. The kid totally killed it and was incredibly impressive.

I will definitely go and see Seether again the next time they come through. The only complaint of the evening was the lighting barely any of the band. I know that this is a mood thing for the music but if I was lighting director I bring it up just a little bit. But then again as a middle-aged photographer, I don’t think the band cares what I think nor should they. All that matters is the fans. And boy did they have a great time. Did I mention the place was absolutely packed? Incredible crowd, incredible performance. I highly recommend you check out Seether if you get the chance.

Review and photos by Tommy Sommers