Sammy Hagar and The Circle – Mystic Lake Casino Hotel – Prior Lake MN – May 17th 2019

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel presents Sammy Hagar and The Circle with special guest Vince Neil.

Warm up tonight is Vince Neil. Now before I start I want you to know I love Mötley Crüe. They are one of my all time favorite bands.

Vince, Vince, Vince.  He plays only a Mötley Crüe greatest hits set list so you are gonna know every song. I hate to say it but man did he suck. He has let himself go and when he runs across the stage he is already out of breath. His band is awesome but tonight just seemed sloppy. I watch Kiss, Rolling Stones and other classic acts and just wonder why can’t Vince just take care of himself and get his act together. I love him and Mötley, it is just painful to watch.

Sammy Hagar and the Circle are touring to promote their full album of original material Space Between. When the Circle plays you get Van Halen, Sammy solo songs, Led Zeppelin and now original material. Sammy is 71 years old and buy the way he commands the stag, sings and play guitar you would think he is 30.

They opened up with a new tune Trust Fund Baby. Had a good vibe and sounds like a Sammy classic. Up next they ripped into There’s Only One Way to Rock, Three Lock Box (been waiting a long time to hear that one) and Van Halen’s Poundcake. Now as we were all having a good time after shooting I came back to find people in my seats. I swear to god I am so sick of kicking drunk people out of my seats. If you did not pay for those seats do not go there and say they are yours. I decided hey they seem ok and there was some extra room. Well it just got worse. The guy was so drunk he passed out knocking down 3 people and chairs in front of us. After yelling at the drunk girl I told her well time is up, either you go or I get security. After 10 minutes of taking care of everything they left. The one of the girls in front os us had to leave cause her back was wrecked from the dude knocking her down. Have a good time people but man don’t take it that far.

OK back to the show. Can’t Drive 55, Can’t Hang new tune and then Finish What Ya Started. That has to be one of my favorite tunes with Halen. The band is so good. They give every tune the respect they deserve and not try to change it like some artists do. Right Now got everyone dancing and singing along. The interesting thing about Sammy is he signs autographs all day long. People todd things on stage and he just signs them. One dude even through a guitar on stage. He signed it. Country artists do is also. I love it. So when you go see Sammy and your up front and close bring something with, he might sign it.

So the rest of the show was so good, more Van Halen, Rock N Roll by Led Zeppelin, Rock Candy by Montrose and more. The new outside theater from Mystic was great. Not a bad view anywhere. Hopefully it becomes permanent and the cement the seated area. It always makes for for seating. The night was filled with rock n roll and was amazing. Besides the drunken morons it was a great night for rock n roll.

Go out and get the new album Space Between. Support your local music stores.

Click HERE for Sammy’s webpage.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen