The Ordway Center present Ringo Starr & his all star band on September 23rd 2018.

Ringo has had this tour going on for quite a few years. For some reason I have never gone. Well this year all changes.

First I have only ever seen one other Beatle and that would be Paul McCartney. SO when I heard Ringo was coming it was a must.

His all-star band consists of other super stars and during the evening they play all the hits from each band.

Tonight was Ringo, of course, Greg Bissonette on drums (David Lee Roth), Warren Hamm on Sax, Colin Hay (Men At Work), Steve Lukather (Toto), Gregg Rolie (Santana & Journey), and Graham Gouldman(10cc).

So when Ringo takes his band on tour you can imagine with a line up like this what kind of tunes you will get.

Being 49 this is all the music I grew up with. Some from my childhood some from middle school and some from high school.

I could not have gotten a better show. I will take it band by band on what they played, even though they are not in the order of the show.

Let’s start with Men at Work. Colin Hay has played with Ringo for many years. Tonight they played Who Can It Be Now, Down Under and Overkill. It was a please sure to hear these songs very lose to the original. I remember sitting in my friends house when we were 12 seeing the Who Can it Be Now video and thought it was just amazing.

Graham Gouldman’s first time around with Ringo. I forgot about I’m Not In Love. His voice sounds perfect. I knew they would do The Things We do For Love. Out of 2 of my childhood favorites I was very happy to finally hear these live.

Greg played for years with Santana and Journey. Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways and Oye Como va from his past. They rocked it and it showed off Steve Lukather’s guitar work. I had no idea.

Speaking of Steve, Toto tunes!!! Rosanna, Hold the Line and the Weezer classic Africa. Just so you know Toto did it in 82, for you millennial’s out there.

I had no idea Steve could rip on guitar. Any of you guitar players out there listen to this guy.

Of course – Ringo Starr. Ringo comes out as my new favorite muppet. Dancing around and just being loose and goofy all night. He was so funny.

I loved his stage presence, and I love the muppets so don;t get me wrong when he reminds me of one.

He covered older songs, solo stuff, -played the drums, and of course he played some Beatles songs.

The band was incredible tonight.

Go support live music, go see anything that you grew up with. Go see Ringo, go see Paul next summer while he is on tour.

These are 2 of the 4 that started it all.

Peace and love!

Set list – Matchbox – It’s Don’t Come Easy – What Goes On – Dreadlock Holiday – Evil Ways – Rosanna – Down Under – Boys – Don’t Pass Me By – Yellow Submarine – I’m Not in Love – Black MAgic Woman / Gypsy Queen – Your Sixteen – Anthem – Overkill – Africa – Oye Comma Va – I Wanna Be Your Man – The Things We Do For Love – Who Can It Be Now – Hold the Line – Photograph – Act Naturally – With a Little Help From My Friends.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen