Medina Entertainment Center presents Queensryche with very special guests Fates Warning.

Fates Warning’s last time in Minnesota was 2001 and then before that 1991. So to have them in town was a special treat.

I have never been a huge fan like most in attendance tonight but the musicianship is undeniable.

The set list was mostly from Parallels their 1991 release and the latest from 2016 Theories of Flight, 3 from each album.

The set up was way different than a usual concert as the Medina has tables all out front  and the GA in the back. It is an interesting set up.

The fans did not mind as it gets them up close and personal with the band. Little different on my end to see someone eating their nachos and the band right in front of them.

Little surprise when Joe DiBiase the original bass player, came out for The Eleventh Hour.

The band was spot on tonight and so good to see them back in town.

Click FATES WARNING for their web page for info and tour date.

Queensryche comes into town to support their latest release The Verdict which came out just two weeks ago on March 1st. As being a fan I figured I would listen to the album on the way to the show. As the songs went on I realized I really like this record. Much more than the previous release. Not sure why it just seemed more put together song wise. Also found out at the show that Todd the lead singer did all the drum work on the new cd. Scott the original drummer took a leave from the band to be with his new born son in 2017. Highly recommend the new album, get out their and support your independent local record stores.

Seen the band a few times in the past years and every time is amazing. With Scott taking a leave of absence, Casey Grillo from Kamelot is taking his place for the tour. The set list was about half new and half old stuff for us vintage rockers. They even threw in Queen of the Ryche from the first EP. I love that song. You may caught us all in back horns high singing along. The huge hit Silent Lucidity came right after that and got a huge gasp as it started. I think people thought it might come later in the set.

With everyone calling it quits and bands not being able to keep it together now days, it is great Queensryche is still kicking it out there. Todd does a great job live on the classics and the new cd rocks. Thanks guys see ya next time around.

Click QUEENSRYCHE for info and tour dates.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen