Obsession – Amsterdam Bar – St. Paul MN – August 10th 2018

Obsession Amsterdam Bar, St. Paul, MN 8/10/18

Twin Cities own Obsession reunited Friday night for a one-off show to celebrate their legacy and the release of a new cd titled Obsession: 1983.  Its an extended soundcheck that is essentially a live show. Released by Rock Steady Records (https://rocksteadyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/obsession-1983 ).

For those of you who are not familiar with this band, they are from the Twin Cities and formed in the early 1980’s. They have always been a crowd favorite and remain that way to this day.  One of the things that really struck me was the loyalty of the audience. The fans that were there Friday night have been going to see Obsession since the beginning.  They seem to know every song, words and all.  That’s amazing considering the band never released an album.

They are one of the few remaining bands who still have all of its members. Greg Eidem on Bass, Todd Mac on drums, Neal Sundet on vocals, Jeff Loven on lead guitar and Brynn Arens of Flipp on rhythm guitar.

They worked their way through a 90-minute set including songs like “Fast Train To Spain”, “Run Around”, “Over The Edge” and “Good Die Young”.  They even added a cover of Van Halen’s “Mean Street”.  They are all incredibly talented musicians and in my opinion should have been huge.

Something hit me the other night that I don’t see much anymore.  They played to the crowd and didn’t play to the show.  What I mean is they really interact with the entire crowd instead of depending on a show or choreography. It seems to me that is missing now with a lot of the younger bands.  They made me feel like I was a part of the show.

It was hot, sweaty and really loud, just like rock n roll is suppose to be.  They don’t play very often so if you get a chance to see them, don’t turn it down.

Review and photos by Tommy So