Nothing More on their ‘Truth’ tour brought it to the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019. Although it was a brisk wintery day there was still a line waiting outside the doors to be let in. Talk about some dedicated fans.

Palisades started the night off by warming everyone up from the chilly Minnesota weather. Palisades reigns from Iselin, New Jersey. They signed with Rise Records in 2011 after they released their first self-released EP. These guys are great at bringing the energy into their shows and getting fans involved.

Badflower has been recently gracing the radio waves with their alternative ‘90’s’ vibes. However they have been around since 2013. Towards the end of 2017, Badflower had over one million fans on their Spotify, which shows how far they have come. These guys have such unbridled charisma that they not only catch your attention, they keep it throughout the whole show. For a younger band they are extremely catchy and remind some of 90’s alternative, they bring you to your happy place while watching them perform. I’m hoping soon that these guys will be going on their own headlining tour; it would definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Of Mice & Men from Orange County, CA, is a metal core/alternative-metal band. These guys were certainly the more hard-core group on the tour. They most definitely got the crowd rowdy and moving around. They’ve gone through several line up changes, however their fans are still as dedicated as ever. You see this through their performance and the way they act with their fans, like getting the crowd to create a big-ass circle pit in the middle of the floor. The band has hit #1 on Billboard’s Rock and Independent charts, as well as over 153 million streams on Spotify. OM&M are an amusing group to see live, make sure you go see them next time they are in town.

Now for Nothing More, a band that has perfected their performance and (I swear) get better every time you see them, which seems impossible if you have ever seen them perform before. The band, from San Antonio, TX, formed in 2003 and actually struggled trying to get label interest, which now-days seems puzzling because the majority of the ‘Truth’ tour is completely sold out. The group actually self-funded their fourth studio album, ‘Nothing More’ over a three-year time span, which contained the band’s breakthrough release, “This is the Time (Ballast) (2014)”. The single hit number 1 on the Mediabase Active Rock chart and number 2 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. The band’s fifth record, “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, encloses the hit single ‘Go To War’, which gave the group three Grammy Award nominations. Nothing More is astonishing at giving live performances; they are super energetic and capturing. I’ve seen them several times, and they are absolutely one of my favorites bands in general and to see live, one of my favorite things about their performances is the “Scorpion Tail”. Which is an animated structure made out of scrap metal and saved auto parts; the thing actually weighs 400 pounds and is 14 feet tall. Hawkins, the lead singer, rides the structure and creates digital sounds and effects, in which he has to tune it before every show. They also have a drum-solo featuring Hawkins. Nothing More creates an astonishing atmosphere for their fans at their shows and they way they connect with their fans. It really shows their dedication and appreciation to their fans. I would highly recommend seeing these guys live, I may be biased because they are one of my favorite rock groups, but I promise you that you cannot go to a Nothing More show and not have a good time. Do not, I repeat, do not miss these guys next time they are in town.

Review and photos by Kaila Turck