Nothing But Thieves – First Avenue September 14th 2018

Demob Happy are from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, now based in Brighton, are an English alternative rock band formed in 2008. Their first release was a 7” single Succubus in 2014. Demob Happy’s newest album Holy Doom, released in March of 2018, is a mixture of 90’s grunge and psychedelic rock. They are definitely a great fit for a Nothing But Thieves tour.

Grandson is Canadian-American musician Jordan Edward Benjamin. His Blood//Water single has been breaking the Top 40 on multiple Billboard charts and is still rocking the radio waves today. He is known for his politically charged lyrics and music videos. Some of his musical influences are Rage Against the Machine, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Ray Charles, and Nirvana, in which you can tell in his music and lyric styles. He states his stage name came from his grandfather, passed away in 2016, whom was a huge influence in his life. His grandfather introduced him to Ray Charles, one huge influence of him, so it’s part one of paying homage to him. Part two was that he wanted a name that felt nostalgic and relatable. Blood//Water has surpassed 22 million plays on Spotify alone. His EP contains six songs and was released on June 15, 2018. His single has definitely caught my attention with all the radio play and I immediately loved it, then I went to Spotify to listen to more and was super impressed and love the whole EP. Grandson is super energetic live and puts on an amazing show I would highly, highly recommend seeing him live. I most unquestionably will next time they are in town.

Nothing But Thieves formed in 2012 from Southend-on-Sea, Essex. They are an English alternative rock band. The band’s single “Itch” was put on regular rotation on Sirius XM’s Octane, as well as being picked up on Hottest Record and Track of the Day accolades on Radio 1. Their debut album, Nothing But Thieves, was #7 on the Official UK chart, peaked at #3 on iTunes, and was #1on the vinyl album charts. It has now been certified silver in the UK. Their 2017 UK tour was completely sold out, this was after the release of their second album, Broken Machine. Their music certainly gets you up off your feet and dancing along. Everyone in the building was anticipating their set and was without doubt making up for that while they were performing. Nothing But Thieves are highly skilled performers and put on an excellent show.

Photos and review by Kaila Turck