Nickelback – Treasure Island Resort & Casino – Welch MN – July 22nd 2018

Nickelback and Pop Evil Treasure Island Resort and Casino 7/22/18 Welch, MN

 First up was Pop Evil, this is the third time I’ve seen these guys this year alone. What I like about this band as they always bring the energy in every performance. They had some really creative songs and are a lot of fun to watch. They played several songs off their new record. They seem to really entertain the crowd who responded well to them.

Nickelback really drew a good crowd last night. Treasure Island Casino in Welsh Minnesota has really upped their game by improving their amphitheater this year. It’s a fantastic place to see a live show. The first thing I noticed about nickel back is how they were playing a stripped-down set with no Pyro. I was told that Nickelback has a ton of Pyro and they didn’t use any last night. I would’ve liked to of seen their full show.

The fans were not disappointed though as they worked their way through their 90 minute set including some of their biggest songs like “Photograph”, “Lullaby” and “Rock Star”. I’ve never really understood why there are so many people who don’t like this band. They’re very solid and great musicians. The music was spot on. I highly recommend you go and see them if you’re fans of theirs. One of the things I really appreciate about them is they seem to be having fun and are very happy to be performing for their fans. To me that is really important.

review and photos Tommy Sommers