Nick Mason Saucer Full of Secrets – Orpheum Theater – Minneapolis MN – April 3rd 2019

Live Nation and Orpheum Theater present Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets.

This week is like a time machine. Going back last night in time with Mott the Hoople and tonight it was a travel back to the psychedelic era of Pink Floyd tonight.

Nick brought a star studded line up for the traveling show. Guy Pratt on bass. He has been in the Pink Floyd camp for quite a while so seems a perfect fit for this show. Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet fame. He sang and played all songs perfectly. Filling in on second lead guitar Lee Harris and on keyboards Dom Beken.

I was very excited about this show even not being a huge fan of the early Floyd era. It can get pretty out there. But hey, this is musical history in town and I had to go. Stage had a back crop of just the bands logo on some tye dye. Through out the night there was the old style oil drops on it, changing colors, making a really cool effects. On the top several lights turned into prisms type lasers, lots of strobes and continuously changing for each tune. Must have been fun for some of the people in the show. There

The set list was a greatest hits from the Syd Barrett era. Everything you want to hear is in the setlist. Atom Heart Mother, Bike Song,  Green is the Colour, One of These Days, they even pulled out Vegetable Man and more. See below for the full setlist. I realized as the show went on I really need to go back and visit this era of the band. Nick talked about doing this tour for sometime now and it is finally here. He told a few stories throughout the night. Lot’s of talk about Syd. Which did get a couple standing ovations. The crowd was totally into this show. Dancing on the sides, standing up after every song, fists pumping in the air, even saw a couple people get kicked out for being a little to excited. Feel bad for them for missing this.

All the songs are presented in excellent form. If you like any era of Pink Floyd this is not to be missed. Do not even think of debating on going. Thank you Nick Mason for bringing this special show to the Twin Cities area.

Setlist – Interstellar Overdrive – Astronomy Domine – Lucifer Sam – Fearless – Obscured by Clouds – When You’re In – Remember A Day – Arnold Layne – Vegetable Man – If – Atom Heart Mother – The NIle Song – Green is the Colour – Let There Be More Light – Childhood’s End – Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun – See Emily Play – Bike – One of These Days – ENCORE – Saucer Full of Secrets – Point Me at the Sky.

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Review and photos by Kyle Hansen.