Minnesota State Fair – Day Eight

You must consider the wide range of people coming out to experience the Minnesota State Fair to appreciate what considerations must be taken when assembling the giant musical line-up that takes place over the course of 12 days. If you happen to make multiple visits to the Great Minnesota Get Together, it’s kind of fun to guess what music genre is cued up for the Grandstand based what common display of fashion and style you are noticing amongst the masses. Individuality and expression goes hand and hand with the Hip Hop scene and was easily identifiable on Day 8.

A sure star in our local scene, Prof kicked things off on the big stage with the type of dynamic performance that he has become known for. He is expert at audience interaction, this time making his way out into the crowd atop a red foam mat that was rolled out about 20 feet above the heads of supporting fans up front. Props to Prof for creating a standout moment!

Later, the fanatical crowd was chanting in anticipation of headliner Logic. He took the stage with confidence and jumped right into his flow, which fast and clear making his message of positivity exciting to be a part of. He took a minute to express his appreciation for Twin Cities scene and how he’s enjoyed performing here all the way back to his first music festival appearance at Soundset in 2014.

As a good demonstration of the variety of music taking place on any given day at the Fair, we also made it out to cover the headlining act at both the Leinie’s Lodge (A Night of Queen performed by Gary Mullen and the Works) and the Shell’s Stage (Pert Near Sandstone).

Review and photos by Patrick Dunn.