Live Nation and Fiserv Forum present Metallica live in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Round two on the World Wired tour. This time road trip to Wisconsin.

Metallica has been on tour for their latest release Hardwired to Self-Destruct.

They did one of the first shows in 2016 at US Bank Stadium but missed it do to work. Did catch the next one at The Target Center this year.

So gonna catch a few before they head over to Europe next summer.

Metallica can play a stadium anywhere so when they are hitting the arenas in the area try to get to them, it is up close a personal.

The stage is in the round and they have these awesome cubes that go all around the top of the stage.

They change due to what song is playing. I love the stage design totally different than anything I have seen.

During Moth to a Flame drones fly around the whole stage in this cool pattern then go back into the stage. Gotta love technology.

As this is the second show I’ve seen I liked this one better. The band had way more energy then the Minneapolis show.

Did not get the Milwaukee jam from Kirk and Rob, will have to look it up.

It just seemed the band was in a better mood tonight, setlist was awesome and I got to see Harvester of Sorrow live!!! I love that song.

The crowd was so loud tonight. They kept saying it and it was. Singing every song and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Maybe that’s why it was better than the Minneapolis show. Maybe it’s because they played Motorbreath, maybe it’s all the beer that was drunk.

All I know is all their shows rock and ee in KC!!

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen / RKH Images