The Grandfather’s of the “Djent” genre  – (MESHUGGAH ) came through Mill City Nights along with there guests from (High on Fire). I have to admit this was one one the most intense metal shows I’ve ever seen. High on Fire was a band I wasn’t very familiar with, yet I became an instant fan due to there very heavy grooves and energetic sounds! Meshuggah opened up with “Clockwork’s” from their newest album “The Violent Sleep of Reason”, which is a very complex and polyrhythmic song, just like all of what Meshuggah is known for. Of course, beyond their virtuosic musicianship and incredible gut wrenching sounds, they had a light show that was like Pink Floyd on steroids!!!  Also, they went back to the old school by ending their set with “Future Breed Machine” As usual, I was very impressed with Meshuggah! These guys are true pioneers and are never letting off the gas with their new music.

Setlist – Clockworks – Born in Dissonance – Sane – Perpetual Black Second – Stengah – The Hurt that Finds You First – Lethargica – Do Not Look Down – Violent Sleep of Reason – Nostrum – Dancers to a Discordant System – Bleed – Demiurge – Future Breed Machine

Review and photos by Richard Fisher.