L7 – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – April 19th 2018

L7 and Death Valley Girls First Ave  Minneapolis, MN 4/19/18

 First Avenue is always an interesting place to see a show because you never know what type of crowd will be there. When the Death Valley Girls started it was relatively sparse but by the time L7 hit the stage, the place was packed to the point where you couldn’t move.

Death Valley Girls are a newer band from Los Angeles. Their self-described as California doom boogie and Manson family B-movie theatrics. I’m not really sure what that is but they kind of reminded me of a garage punk band. They had some really catchy songs and the crowd seemed to really enjoy them. The lead singer Bonnie Bloomgarden had a very interesting and unique voice. There sophomore EP was released in 2016 titled “Glow In The Dark”.

From the moment L7 walked on the stage, you could tell they really were happy to be there. During the show Donita Sparks remarked that they “were thrilled to be there and excited to see that their star was still on the wall outside of the venue”.

The last time L7 played in Minneapolis was 1989. I went there wondering how many people would show up? Are they an act that no one cared about anymore because they had been gone for so long. That was clearly not the case. The venue was packed, and the fans loved it. They ran through a lot of their classics and included their new single “I Came Back To Bitch”.

Overall it was a great concert. L7 had a ton of energy and sounded incredible. They’re doing a short tour this spring. If you get the chance to go out and see them, it’s definitely worth it.

Review wand photos Tommy Sommer.