King’s X – Reggie’s Rock Club – Sunday December 9th, 2018

King’s X – Reggie’s Rock Club – Sunday December 9th, 2018
Full disclosure.  I traveled from Chicago from Minneapolis to see the mighty King’s X.  One of my favorite bands and one I had not seen for a few years.  It was worth the trip.
Lead singer and bassist Dug Pinnick, guitarist Ty Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill started out loud with usual opener Groove Machine.   People next to me would motion to their chest, on how you can FEEL the bass more than you can hear it.  The crowd sang the song back to the band halfway through, something that would happen a lot during the show.  The few hundred people in attendance at Reggie’s Rock Club were all there to be part of the “King’s X choir” as Pinnick called it a couple times.
It’s been ten years since their last album (2008’s XV, although they announced plans for a new album in 2019), so this show was very much a greatest hits list.  They kept it heavy and happy the whole show.  “Pillow” from Dogman challenged the woofers on the speaker stacks.    Black Flag had people holding up albums they had brought to the show.  There was plenty of long guitar solo moments as well, during “Flies and Blue Skies”, “Cigarettes” and “A Box”
Near the end the fan favorite songs came out.  “Summerland” into “Over My Head” brought out nostalgia for songs that are almost 40 years old, but sound great in a loud rock club.  The three part harmonies that band is famous for also showed up on the main set closer “We Were Born To Be Loved”, while showing off some progressive chops as well.
The final song of the encore, “Goldilox”, the band turned the microphones around, and it was the crowds turn to sing the whole song.  Feel the love may sound cliche, but it’s a true bonding experience to sing like karaoke with your favorite band and a few hundred new friends.
I’ve mentioned a few times when talking about my weekend I saw King’s X, and the usual response was “I kinda remember them”.   If you remember them at all, and thought you like what you heard a while ago, be sure to go to the show next time the come to town.  King’s X are, as mentioned on shirts the fans were wearing at the show said, the “First Church of Rock and Roll”
Two bands opened the show.   Second band on the night was Hero Jr from Indianapolis.  A very good down and dirty Blues Rock band.   Lead Singer Evan Haughey was an exciting front man to watch, and i was worried for the fate of the drums under Ryan Keyes pounding hands.  Their 40 minutes set got the party started, equal parts Aerosmith, Black Crowes and ZZ Top.   First band Black Sites from Chicago talked about multiple albums, but explained it was their second show ever.  They were raw progressive metal with a melodic singer, which reminded me of early Fates Warning.  They were enjoying the spotlight they had!
King’s X Setlist: Groove Machine – The World Around Me – Pillow – Flies and Blue Skies – Vegetable – Cigarettes – Pray – Black Flag – Lost in Germany – A Box – Summerland – Over My Head – Go Tell Somebody – We Were Born to Be Loved
Encore: Dogman – King – Goldilox
Review and photos bt Brian Curski