The Pabst Theater Group presents Judas Priest and Uriah Heep.

It seems most of the times we road trip it is to see Judas Priest. This is our second time to Milwaukee to see the might Priest! Last time being 2002 and Ripper was the singer.

Opening tonight was Uriah Heep. Being I have never seen them I was looking forward to some more UK rock for the evening. They are in support of their latest release Living the Dream which came out last year. We listened to it on the way down and it is awesome. Go support your local record store and pick one up.

Uriah Heep have changed members over the years but staying strong since 1969 is Mick Box. On keyboards since 1986 is Phil Lanzon and vocals Bernie Shaw, with Russel Gilbrook on drums and David Rimmer on bass. They rocked tonight to get us warmed up. The set list was short cause of the warm up gig but still brought it. 2 songs from the new album and a scattering of songs from the years. They played the songs exactly how you would want to hear them. And of course closing with Easy Livin’.

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Judas Priest is on a theater tour this time around. Having two night at The Riverside Theater. We would have stayed for both nights but had to come back home for work after the first one.

So we booked this show back in December when they announced the theater tour. We figured why not another road trip. As they tour started they started to talk about the setlist. Well after the first date we knew we were gonna get. The show is a deep cuts fan show. They really reached and played songs live that we have not heard in years. Out is Turbo Lover, Another Thing Comin, Painkiller and Electric Eye. Now don’t get me wrong we all over these tunes but they threw in some gems. Tyrant, Judas is Rising, Steeler, The Sentinel, Out in the COld which has not been played since 86, All Guns Blazing and so much more.

The band was spot on and Rob’s vocals are still so good. Andy Sneap who produced Firepower their latest release, is still the touring guitarist. He does justice to every tune. Richie, Ian, Steven and Rob all seemed to be in a more playful mood since the last time we saw them. It seems they are all loving the change in the setlist. The stage was similar to the last tour with a Firepower theme. But the real change was the setlist. I just get excited thinking about the tunes played.

The crowd was awesome. I can’t believe there were a few rows empty in the back. To see this iconic band in such a small intimate setting it should be sold out every night. We met a few friends and they helped us rock right up front with our favorite bands. You never know who will meet so to the guys in the front row that let me hang with ya, thank you.

And just like the end of every show THE PRIEST WILL BE BACK. I look forward to their 50th anniversary next year. To even think that back in the 80’s we would still be seeing them in 2020.

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Review and photos by Kyle Hansen