Live Nation and 93X present In This Moment and Halestorm.

Opening the show was New Years Day. Due to the huge amount of traffic I missed them. So hopefully next time around.

I did hear Fucking Hostile while waiting to cover the other days. Very cool.

In This Moment was first. They have a set and stage that pretty much stays the same but is so cool.

So the stage is set up around Maria Brinks changing room. Always front and center and she always has two dancers with her.

Drums are up in the back wither right or left side. Depending on tour. Guitarist are on each side and Travis on bass lurks around all over the stage.

They dress total metal and they should. These guys are so good. Maria has so many changes throughout the evening. Usually one for each song. Check out the photos for an example of the outfits.

Still on tour for their latest release Ritual. Looks like we are gonna get some new tunes this summer as the web page has a teaser of Mother – Summer of 2019They are a dark but fresh sounding band. The melodies and song writing is excellent. They bring up messages and make us outsiders feel welcome no matter where or who we are. Tonight we got kind of an opening set from them. Only 9 songs but still so good. If you like hard rock or metal listen to these guys and definitely go see them live.

Setlist – Blood – River of Fire – Adrenalize – Roots –  Monster Jam – In the Air Tonight – Big Bad Wolf – Oh Lord – Whore.

Info and tour dates click here.

Halestorm’s new album is one of my favorites for the year. I did not like the last one. Now that I write this I will go give it another try. This new one seems a million miles and hour faster than the last one.

The gang was in top form tonight. Lzzy’s voice is incredible. Her voice is right on every time I see her.

The band rocked it also. They are on the road so much they are just a touring machine. It is very rare they have an off night. The stage was bare with some back lighting that lit everything up. Like Aerosmith said, let the music do the talking. The only complaint was one tune was way to long. Big jam session, I think it was Separate Ways from Journey. It was ok just think we could have cut it and got another new tune in.

The new album is Vicious. It has a black n white cover and looks like an homeage to the Scorpions Love at First Sting album cover. Don’t just listen to the single from these guys. The albums are good. Again I gotta give Into the Wild Life a try again. They have several cover EP’s that rock also. Get those, they surprised me with the songs they covered.

The Armory is the biggest heading gig they have had in town. Seen they at pretty much every venue they have played here. It never gets boring.

I’ll have to get a photo set of Lzzy’s shoes that I have. Thanks for the show everyone looking forward to the next time around.

Setlist – Skulls – I Am the Fire – Uncomfortable – Amen – Do Not Disturb – Separate Ways – Dear Daughter – Love Bites(So Do I) – Freak Like Me – White Dress – Killing Ourselves to Live – The Silence – I Miss the Misery – Here’s To Us.

Click Here for more info on Halestorm.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen