First Avenue present The GWAR The Blood of Gods Tour.

What can I say about GWAR that hasn’t already been said? Every time I see this band I like them more and more. They have to be one of the most theatrical themed bands I have ever seen.

They have incredible fans who follow them everywhere and always turn out to see them play live. They wear their bloodstained shirts with pride. I met many fans who wore the same shirts over and over to every show to add more red stained stage blood tool after every show. Half of the audience left stained pink from all of the truly interactive blood squirting.

GWAR was in the middle of their fall tour for their latest release The Blood Of Gods.If you’re looking to be thoroughly entertained and see something you probably have never seen before, I highly recommend you check them out the next time they come to town.

Setlist – War on GWAR – Hail, Genocide – I’ll be Your Monster – Death to Dickie Dunn – Saddam a Go-Go – Womb with A View – Crushed by the Cross – Viking Death Machine – Bring Back the Bomb – El Presidente – Swarm – Black and Huge – The Sordid Soliloguy of Swabrog Destructo – The Morality Squad – Fuck This Place – Phantom Limb – If You Want Blood. for more tour dates and info.