Live Nation and 93x present Greta Van Fleet

Clove opened up the show. She and her band have a smooth alternative vibe with classic rock type vocals inserted. I liked what I heard and gonna have to give them a listen. A little more mellow of a band than Greta. She seemed to win over the crowd by the end of her set.

I have not seen a buzz about a band since Guns N Roses in 88. Greta Van Fleet was introduced to me by one of my best friends. He called me up all excited about this band with this singer that blew him away. So I immediately threw them on. At first I thought I had found the long lost Led Zeppelin tapes.

Then I kept listening to them. Their sound is right out of the 70’s classic rock era, and then I foiund out how old they were. It blew me away cause at their age I had a band and we were not even as close to as good as they are. They are from Michigan and are about 5 years old, the band. They have been playing so much they have got their chops down! Some of their earlier shows consisted of them playing to only a few people and then playing for hours on end. It has shown because, WOW.

The band is 3 brothers Joshua (vocals) – Jacob (guitars) – Sam (bass) and Danny Wagner on drums.

These guys hit the state and within 10 minutes I knew we were seeing something special. They rocked the first two songs like I have not seen in a long time. We had two songs up front to shoot and the second song Edge of Darkness about 7 minutes long. Jacob ripped the guitar and started playing behind his head. As I watched this I knew these guys now exactly what to do. The years of playing music have already made them veterans and the average age is 21. They are gonna be producing great music for quite a while.

Josh did come out in the beginning and throw out flowers to all the girls in the front row. Class act!

Though they only have a single lp out they made the show very memorable. Extending songs with great jam sessions and a scale down but impressive stage show.

Reminded me of times when the music mattered and a stage show was extra. Don’t get me wrong they still had a huge light show.

I could go on and on about who they sound like and why people like them or do not. I like this band and very excited to see where they are going to go.

Give them a chance and crank it up.

Setlist – Highway Tune – Edge of Darkness – When the Cold Wind Blows – Flower Power – You’re the One – Evil – Watching Over – Lover Leaver Taker Believer – Black Smoke Rising – Safari Song

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen RKH Images