Going Live with Love: Songs of Support for Jessa Roquet

Going Live with Love: Songs of Support for Jessa Roquet

Friends of music and the arts, we are more than a month into the unthinkable. A relentless threat to our safety with no defined path back to normal. This situation has robbed us of so many things including our ability to experience live music to our hearts content, now potentially one of the last things planned to re-open. We are all entitled to have feelings about how this global crisis has affected our own little worlds and keeping a primary focus on making sure you and your family remain healthy and safe is of critical importance.

We should then look beyond ourselves and maintain an awareness of how our neighbors, Minnesotans, fellow Americans and beyond are also being devastatingly affected, leaving so many people in need of help and compassion. It’s an overwhelming reality, so focusing your efforts and generosity on issues closer to home, more personal and relatable might be a great place to start. With that, I present to you a situation of need related to our local Twin Cities music scene. 

A shift in healthcare focus and COVID-19 headlines have overshadowed many other serious health concerns people continue to face day-to-day outside of this pandemic. For Jessa Roquet of the folk band Gambler’s Daughter, the inability to make a living performing music has now been greatly magnified by a recent rare stage 4 liver cancer diagnosis. To help show support and raise funds to cover Jessa’s medical bills, and keep her basic bills paid, 26 local musicians will be performing 15 minute sets via Facebook Live from the group page “Going Live with Love: Songs of Support for Jessa Roquet” from 11-6pm on Saturday, May 9th, 2020. Donations to Jessa will be raised via her GoFundMe page, or sent directly to her via Venmo.

Please consider taking this opportunity to help Jessa while benefitting yourself with a substantial sampling of the great music that has been created and is still taking place in our vibrant and caring community.


Sarah Morris*

11:00 AM

Stacy K

11:15 AM

Savannah Smith

11:30 AM

Tim Cheesebrow

11:45 PM

Tina Schlieske*

12:00 PM

Annie Fitzgerald

12:15 PM

Joyann Parker

12:30 PM

Ben Cook-Feltz

12:45 PM

Annie Mack*

1:00 PM

Amanda Grace

1:15 PM

Vicky Emerson

1:30 PM

Mother Banjo

1:45 PM

Adam Levy*

2:00 PM

Breanne Marie

2:15 PM

Faith Boblett

2:30 PM


2:45 PM

Katy Vernon*

3:00 PM

Andriana Lehr

3:15 PM

Jillian Rae

3:30 PM

Amanda Standalone

3:45 PM

Michael Ferrier (of Fathom Lane)*

4:00 PM

Moss Kwa

4:15 PM

Karen Folman

4:30 PM

Cabin of Love

4:45 PM

Mary Bue*

5:00 PM

Taylor James Donskey

5:15 PM

M. French

5:30 PM

Gambler’s Daughter


5:45 PM

Name of the Fundraiser: Going Live with Love: Songs of Support for Jessa Roquet

Platform: Facebook Live via Group “Going Live with Love: Songs of Support for Jessa Roquet” 

Date: 5/9/2020

Time: 11am-6pm

Donation Link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/jessa-fights-cancer

Caring Bridge Link: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jessaroquet

Venmo handle: Jessa-Roquet

Organizers: Andriana Lehr, Annie Mack, Priscilla Conway, Priscilla Priebe

Publicist: Krista Vilinskis krista@tinderboxmusic.com