Ghost at the Palace Theatre play to a sold out crowd!

First off these guys are like a combination of Behemoth, KISS, Blue Oyster Cult and Type O Negative. What are unique band! And I will say these guys are absolutely creepy on stage. The Visuals are so theatrical and eloquent, It’s almost like a master artist engineered their live setup. Even though their visuals look very diabolical, Performing in demon masks and playing in a very dark church, their music is actually the opposite as far as sound goes. The crowd was filled with a bunch of diehard fans that were sporting Ghost merchandise! It was obvious that their fans are extremely dedicated. As far as their performance goes it was phenomenal! Their dark Gothic music all had the audience in complete awe. The sound and lighting was perfect in all areas. Overall this band is a must see!

Set List  – Ashes – Rats – Absolution – Ritual – Con Clavi Con Dio – Per Aspera ad Inferi – Devil Church – Cirice – Stand By Him – Miasma – Jigolo Har Mergiddo – Pro Memoria – Deus in Absentia  – Masked ball – Spirt – From the pinnacle to the pit – Faith – Year Zero – Spoksonat  – He is – Prime Mover – Mummy Dust – If you have Ghosts – Dance Macabre – Square Hammer – Monstrance Clock

Review and photos by Richard Fisher