Ghost – Armory – Minneapolis MN – October 5th 2019

Photo by; Tommy Sommers (

Ghost @ The Armory, Minneapolis, MN 10/5/19

The Armory is such a great place to see a show, If you have not been, you must make an effort. Great sight lines, easy access to the bar and plenty of bathrooms. But make sure you get there early! This show was sold out and the lines were really long to get in.

Nothing More, a band from Texas, opened the show.  They are always full of energy and a lot of fun to watch. They are metal to a degree but have a different twist with some extra instrumentation. Hard to describe so get out and see them for yourself.

Ghost is fantastic, I don’t know what else to say.  I have seen them since they first started and were playing clubs.  Its fun to watch a band cling the ranks and continue to build an audience. As I watched them last night, I was thinking about some other musicians who keep saying that putting out new music is a waste and that you can make music a career anymore. Well, Ghost is a living example that you can make a living and they are! Like Black Veil Brides and Avatar, they are making it up as they go along, creating a new path to rock n’ roll longevity.

For those of you that are not familiar with Ghost, they do sound like Blue Oyster Cult. They do not sound like they look.  The songs are very pop oriented, and they seem to have this weird fascination with Satan. As the venues get bigger so does the production. Although they need to step up the pyro a bit.  It would be great to see them do more, a lot more. Like the band Rammstein

The songs and musicianship was tight and they sounded great.  They opened with one of my personal favorites “Rats” which was a bit of a surprise. I assumed they would close with it. They performed “Mummy Dust”, “Ritual” which is a bit creepy as well as other crowd favorites like “Kiss The Go-Goat “and “Square Hammer”.

Overall, it was a sold out show to some of the most loyal and passionate fans in music.  You can’t help but to get caught up in the madness.

Review and photos by Tommy Sommers