Dio Returns – Myth – Maplewood MN – June 15th 2019

Myth Live presents Dio Returns.

The Dio hologram has been something to talk about with all metal fans worldwide. I have some friends how would not support this in any way what so ever. I myself had to go for curiosity about the hologram and I love Dio. To see the band play alone was worth the ticket. What would the hologram be like I kept asking myself. Well it was not really that great.

Love / Hate opened the show and it was good to see them crank out some good ol metal from the early nineties’. Was never a huge fan but they did a good job warming up the crowd.

So here we go, the moment of truth on bringing Dio back from the dead and having it live before our naked steaming eyes. The band comes on stage and kick’s right into King of Rock n Roll. Band sounds great, middle is set up for the hologram and with a whip of fire Dio appears. My first reaction was I laughed. What is this?! It looks like a video game. He moves oddly, looks taller than before. It was strange at first. But ok let’s go on. Next up The Mob Rules with Ripper on vocals. I love this guy. He did all the more powerful Dio tunes. Seeing him was the second reason I was here. Last in Line / Holy Diver gets Dio back. After each verse he flies away in a computerize wisp. It was interesting. I was kind of getting used to it. His moves were just off a little bit. Stand Up and Shout had ripper back out. This sounded fantastic. Up next drum solo from the great Simon Wright. Last time I was him was with Dio in 02. Oni from Lynch Mob fame came out for Don’t Talk to Strangers. He did the more melodic Dio tunes that weren’t huge screaming like Ripper was handling. He hit those tunes so good. Both him, Ripper and the band were incredible. The hologram I am just not buying. It looked more like a screen. The only time it showed depth was when the bass played came up and was kind of behind him.

The overall show was fantastic. The live band should tour with just a tribute to Dio and leave the hologram out of it. The production and work was incredible I just think that it is strange to see. We did talk to the creator at the end of the show and he told me how much work went into the production and respect to all of it. Is it worth seeing. Yes. Go and judge for yourself. Some people loved the whole thing. I saw him every time since 85 and it just seemed odd.

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Review and photos by Kyle Hansen