Cannibal Corpse came brought their Decibel Magazine tour to the Skyway in Minneapolis on Sunday, bringing with them, Necrot, Morbid Angel, and Blood Incantation.  On a freezing cold evening on what has become the snowiest winter Minneapolis has seen since the 1800’s, they brought a ton of energy and warmth.  There’s nothing like a bunch of metal and dudes banging their heads to it to heat up a once very cold room.

Blood Incantation opened the show.  If you don’t recognize the name, they are a death metal band that hails from Denver, Colorado.  The biggest complaint heard about them was the incredibly long intro they did, which caused a lot of joking and complaining from the crowd.  Not the best way to start a show.  Although a mosh pit did start for them, it became clear very quickly that everyone was there to see the other bands.  Necrot followed them and really brought the energy up.  Lots of Satan, lots of moshing, and lots of fun, regardless of what one has to say about death metal.
Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse really sold the whole show.  Morbid Angel started their set with the newest music and went further and further back with the music, all the way back to a song they did on their first demo tape.  That was a real treat for their fans, as who wouldn’t enjoy hearing all the older stuff from their favorite bands.  Cannibal Corpse was amazing, as they usually are. As usual, they got up, they played, and their audience loved every second of it.  It was clear they were very excited for them to be back in Minneapolis and they are just as excited for them to return.
One of the biggest things about this show was the crowd.  I think everyone outside of the death metal community has an idea of the type of people that are at these shows and it simply isn’t true.  People of all age ranges from old school metalheads to teenagers, and surprisingly enough to many, there were a lot of women there.  And they weren’t just standing in the back, they were up front against the boards.  Metal is fun as hell.
Review Tracy Hansen
Photos Kyle Hansen