Corrosion of Conformity – Fine Line – Minneapolis MN – February 8th 2019

First Ave and the Fine Line Present Corrosion of Conformity and special guests Crwobar.

You know fans of Corrosion of Conformity are dedicated, or maybe just Minnesotan.  They packed the sold out Fine Line on a below zero night outside.  They were rewarded with a loud night.

COC started out Stonebreaker and even went a little deeper with the second song Wiseblood.  One small surprise in their set was a lack of songs from their latest album No Cross, No Crown from last year, playing only A Wolf Named Crow.  I loved hearing a couple favorites of mine in the middle of the night, Vote With a Bullet and Seven Days back to back. After hours of metal, the finished out the night with Clean My Wounds, and Albatross.

Weedeater played third on the night, and judging by comments from the band before, may have arrived just before they played.   With a subwoofer for the bass player that looks straight out of a 70’s stereo, but twice the size, the three piece shook the club.  Their energy was great as well! The Skynyrd cover “Gimme Back My Bullets” was a highlight of the 45 minute set.

Crowbar was second, and as someone who came to see COC, but had never heard Crowbar before, I can’t imagine how that happened.  They are a great pairing, especially when you consider the lead singer Kirk Windstein has joined Corrosion of Conformity’s Pepper Keenan in the band Down.  They announced they were celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Odd Fellow’s Rest, and started out thier time with Planets Collide from that album.  Windstein took the time to fist bump lots of people in the front between and during songs!

Mothership opened the night with a short four song set, but I came away impressed with them as well.  Lead by brothers Kyle and Kelley Juett, they were having a great time!  The fact they mentioned from the stage is was Kyle’s birthday may have helped.  I’ve been sure to listed to more of all three bands that opened since the show, and if COC’s comes back to town, and you like your music loud, don’t miss it.
Review and photos by Brian Curski