Cheap Trick – Mystic Showroom – Prior Lake MN – March 8th 2019

Mystic Lake Casio and Hotel presents Rock N Roll Hall of Famers Cheap Trick.

Well what can you say about Cheap Trick that has not already been said. Well they did, the announcement for the band was Welcome the greatest f%$#ing band in the world. No arguments here.

They had no opener tonight so that meant a full headlining set. The band is constantly touring. This was my friend Tommy’s 138th show. He is kind of mental when it comes to Cheap Trick. Whenever they headline you know they will reach into the deep tracks. Tonight we got He’s A Whore, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace, Stop This Game and I’m Waiting For the Man. The band still brings it every night. Rick’s never ending guitar changes, Robin’s voice, Tom and Daxx’s rhythm section is perfect. They also have Robin’s son on guitars and vocals. The rest of the setlist, see below, is all the best you wanted to here. Great to hear some of those mid 80’s classics also.

Cheap Trick’s last 2 albums Bang, Xoom, Crazy…Hello and We’re All Alright are absolutely amazing. It’s like they can just produce their sound and never change. If you have not gotten these yet go support your local record store. They also should be releasing another new album this year. Also on Record Store Day April 19th they are releasing their 3rd Epic Archives release. Click HERE for info.

It is amazing to see them still rocking after 46 years. They will be in your town soon, so do not hesitate to see them. Click HERE for more info.


Hello There
Big Eyes
He’s a Whore
Elo Kiddies
On Top of the World
Speak Now
She’s Tight
Ain’t That a Shame
Need Your Love
You Got It Going On
Stop This Game
Waitin’ on the Man
The Flame
I Want You to Want Me
Dream Police
Never Had A Lot to Lose

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen