Billy Idol – Treasure Island Resort & Casino – Welch MN – July 6th 2019

Treasure Island Resort and Casino presents Billy Idol. SOLD OUT

This was one special night with Billy Idol. Tonight there is no opening band just the legend himself. As we came up to the venue we thought it was in the outdoor venue but to our surprise it was inside, which is more intimate. Which was fine with all of us as we don’t mind an up close and personal show.

He came right out and hit us with 3 classics, Cradle of Love, Dancing with myself and Flesh for Fantasy. Each one has a feel of when the era they are from. I rockin’ early ninties hit, a Generation X 70’s hit and 80’s moody classic. Billy has the way to make all sorts of different feels to his music. Punker and rock hit makers should be a genre of music, he would be the godfather. Can’t break me Down from Kings & Queens of the Underground is next. I have not listened to this album that much so it was new to me. I really liked it so gonna check out the album. His cover of LA Woman is next. It comes from the same album as Cradle of Love. Seems like at that time the record exs were trying to make a hit from a past hit. Was never a fan of his cover but live it was much much better. Next up was a heart warming tale of his father and how he loved his music. We then found out that his father died listening to Ghost in my Guitar. How can you not be moved by that. Steven Stevens is still and always has been in his band. He is just as important as Billy.

So Steve starts a small jam and it sounds really familiar. Oh yes, Eyes Without a Face. When this first came out I was a young buck and only liked the big guitar part in the middle. Well after all these years I have come to love this song. Dementia is the Steve song that we really get to see his talent. It is a really cool flamenco guitar instrumental. Steve has jams all over the night but this one was really good. So then for you deep track kids out there he plays Soul Standing By from his Whiplash Smile album. He has not played that song since 1987. 32 years!! As the night goes on you know it is starting to get to the hits and he closes out with Your Generation with Ready Steady Go mixed in – Blue Highway – Rebel Yell and White Wedding to Close it out. With the show over the only thing I wish we had was two more songs, Hot in the City and Sweet Sixteen. Oh well hopefully Billy will be back soon and we get some more deep tracks and the other two.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen.