August Burns Red is considered metal core at its finest! In 2017 August Burns Red marks their 10 year anniversary for their second album titled ‘’The Messengers”. Their entire North American tour is dedicated to this very album and they are playing it from front to back. Some of the songs of that album they’ve never played live until now! As far as performance goes they brought a very high energetic and extreme show to The Cabooze here in Minneapolis. The show of course consisted of a lot of mosh pits, crowd-surfing and headbanging.

“Protest The Hero”  A band out of Canada was the opening act and they did a terrific job as well. Their music consisted of a lot of odd time signatures, melodic guitar riffs, heavy breakdowns and a vocalist with a very wide octave range. People in the audience put a lot of focus on the guitarists while shredding up some solos and of course those mosh pits were circling during those huge breakdowns. They put on a damn good show!

Set List –

1 -Truth of a liar.

2- Up against the ropes.

3- Back burner.

4- The blinding light.

5- Composure.

6- Vital signs.

7-The eleventh hour.

8- The balance.

9- Black sheep.

10-An American dream.

11- Redemption.

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Review and photos by Richard Fisher