Anvil – Turf Club – St. Paul MN – April 20th 2019

First Avenue and Turf Club present Anvil.

Excellent night for metal. Starting out DJ Danny Sigelman is spinning classic metal for us. HE is a staple in the Minneapolis music scene. He has worked for all sorts of radio stations and venues around town. He continued in between sets all night. You can follow him on twitter at @paper_sleeves. He is also on instagram under the same name.

Next from Santa Cruz California is Archer Nation. They formed around 2004 and have been rocking ever since. Caught about half their set and they were really good. I loved the energy and musician ship they brought to the stage. They are in support of their latest release Beneath the Dream which came out in January. You have Dylan Rose on guitars and vocals – David De Silva on bass – Keyhan Moini on drums. I really liked the few songs I saw tonight so gonna check out them out online. Click here for all the info on Archer Nation.

Don Jamieson then did a great heavy metal comedy set before Anvil. Beer, metal, having a good time, all the fun stuff we get to make fun of in life. As most everyone knows he was one of the hosts of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic. Talked to him briefly about the show and thanked him for the set. Sounds like they are still trying to find someone to pick the show back up. Seems like Netflix or Hulu would be perfect for it. Click here for DOn’s webpage.

Anvil opens the night with Lipps running right into the crowd and launching into March of the Crabs. He was surrounded by all of us filming or just trying to get a picture. He then jumps on stage and treats us a wonderful night of heavy metal. Rob and Chris kept the beat going all night so Lipps could rip it up on guitar. The setlist expanded from 8 different albums, heavily on Metal On Metal. Metal On Metal is celebrating 37 years this month, so made sense they would pull four songs of that album. There were also a bunch from their 3 latest releases. Make sure to check out there latest albums, they rock. The band’s popularity grew again with the release of Anvil – The Story of Anvil in 2008. It documents the band’s story about recording a new album and the troubles the band has had trying to make it. They influenced so many in metal we all wondered why they never got the big break. The release of this movie has allowed them to continue to be Anvil full time. In their 42 years this is the only the third time they have been here. So make sure if you want to see some classic metal that influenced so many we know get out there and support Anvil. Click HERE for Anvil’s webpage.

Review and photos buy Kyle Hansen