All That Remains – The Cabooze – Minneapolis MN – March 12th 2019

All That Remains brought their tour to The Cabooze on Sunday night along with a plethora of other heavy bands, making for a very loud, heavy, and fun nearly sold out night.

The night began with the band Villain of the Story (how great is that name?) a band that currently has a very dedicated fanbase.  The people that were there to see them knew everything on their setlist and were very engaged with them.  Unfortunately, The Cabooze is notorious for opening the doors at show start time, so only about a fifth of the full crowd was in there to see them, while many stood in the rain outside, missing the whole set.  Sleep Signals were another great addition to the night.  Much like Villain of the Story, their set list was quite short, but well received.
Escape the Fate was a crowd favorite.  The energy level heightened when they took to the stage and they were very interactive with their fans.  Attila was amazing. There were a lot of people at the show who simply went for them.  If you haven’t seen them live, you should know that the pits get absolutely insane at their shows.  You want to bring high energy to a show?  Introduce them to a tour because you’ll get it.
When All That Remains took to the stage, everyone was thinking the same thing.  What is this going to be like without Oli Herbert?  Would it be the same?  For those out of the know, Oli was All That Remains’ former guitarist and the founding member of the band who died last October.  Apparently the band did a fantastic job picking his replacement, Jason Richardson, because he did an incredible job.  There was a tribute to Oli roughly halfway through the set list where he said that Oli would have hand picked Jason, a sentiment that rang true that night.
Overall, awesome night of metal with a lot of good energy and big pits.  The Cabooze needs to get that door opening issue resolved because both members of the audience and Villain of the Story suffered due to this and it’s not like it’s the first time it has happened.  Other than that, the shows were a lot of fun.
Review and photos by Paul Allen.