93x and the Armory present Alice in Chains.

Alice in Chains comes to Minneapolis for the first time in six years and the place was packed. Talking with a ton of people before the show there were a lot of people who waited a long time to see them. I have seen them a few times over the years but was still excited for the show. The stage was a simple set up with back lighting on each side behind Jerry and Mike. It was a big stage so they filled it in with lights more on top that. The band does what Alice in Chains should do, come in, kick ass and leave. The setlist was heavy on Dirt and their latest release Rainier Fog which came out last year in August. They should be out for a while in support of the latest release. So make sure you get out and buy the album and support your local independent music store. They did play three songs off Facelift, Bleed the Freak, We Die Young and Man in the box. I still find that album a lot better than Dirt. Let the debate begin. I do think since the reunion they have made music that Layne would be proud of. They sound like Alice in Chains tunes and did not try to reinvent themselves as something new. Same feel, but with Jerry in the writing it should should like them. The crowd was nuts tonight. Everyone had to have 2 drinks or more all night long. It was a spirited event and everyone had a good time.

Make sure to check out their webpage for tour info and more info.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen