Alice Cooper – Ordway Center for performing Arts – St. Paul MN – August 30th 2018

Alice Cooper came to the Ordway Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota on August 30, 2018. With no opener, he owned the evening, giving no less of an amazing show as usual.  Before the show began, the Ordway’s MC came to the stage and asked via applause how many people had never been to the Ordway before. He was answered with a resounding applause and then thanked Alice for bringing so many new faces to the Ordway.
In contrast to them, I’ve been to the Ordway numerous times, but never for a metal show. I’m a huge opera fan, so I’ve seen multiple operas and plays there, as well as a comedy show last year. So the crowd was incredibly different than usual, something I couldn’t help but laugh at. Seeing all these Alice Cooper fans dressed in black, some in full makeup, and others in shirts adorning Iron Maiden, Slayer, and more (I personally was wearing my “Cowboys from Hell” Pantera shirt) was a hysterical contrast to the sauvely dresssed employees and the overall grandeur of the theater.
I’ve seen Alice many, many times in the past decade. He never seems to disappoint, which I find incredible. The man is in his seventies and you would never know it based on his performance.  His vocals are still absolutely on par and the stage show is just as theatrical and fun as always. The stage was adorned with skulls and very creepy dolls, with a backdrop of his eyes. I’m a real sucker for any singer or band that puts their all into a stage show. When you’re getting a full show versus just a guy singing on stage, it really feels like you are getting your money’s worth and beyond.
This show had the largest set list I have ever seen him do. With twenty songs, you got a good span of his career, deep tracks interveved with all the hits.  It’s really nice because the audience was a serious mixed bag. When you have an audience with an age range of fifty years, you have to mix it up to make everyone happy. He did it.
I’ll continue to see Alice Cooper until he stops touring. His shows are always amazing and you’re always getting more than you imagined you would. The Ordway Theater was a cool place to see him as well, as he has that creepy aura about him. I saw him at The Orpheum Theater a few times and it was that same feel because it’s a theater and theaters already have a fun sort of eerie feeling to them. I’ve seen him outdoors and at the in many auditoriums as well and it is certainly it the same vibe. If you get a chance to see him in a theater, take it.
Review Tracy Hansen photo from Alice Cooper
Stock photo from Alice Cooper – Live photo Kyle Hansen RKH Images