Album Review: Saxon “Thuderbolt”

When one of your favorite bands of all time comes out with a new album. it just gets ya excited. This is Saxon’s 22nd album.

When Battering Ram came out I thought it just did not hold up to Sacrifice or Call to Arms. Don’t get me wrong it is a good record just liked the other 2 better.

But when Thunderbolt started I knew this was not gonna be the case. I’ll just go song by song.

Thunderbolt – Super heavy right off. This ones a metal classic to Greek Mythology. Biff’s voice is so distinctive and he lets it rip in this one. This reminds me of getting in your car and just driving fast. Another classic to kick off the album.

The Sound of Flight – Starts with a very Maiden esk type riff and then then hits you with another super catchy riff. Double bass going though most o f the song get keeps it super fast tempo.

I really like the riffs and how they mix together in this one.

Nosferatu (The Vampire Waltz) – A dark scary song with great orchestral keys mixed in to make it a huge sound. Of course it is a vampire tale so it has to be creepy. The intro reminds me of the Finn Balor intro music from the WWE – for you wrestling fans out there. Good solid song.

They Played Rock n Roll – Ok so when this one started I was like, cool sounds like Motorhead. Then I started to listen to the lyrics and it is all about touring with Motorhead in the early 80’s. Perfect tribute to the Motorhead your guys. Loved this one!!! Listen for Lemmy!!

Predator – This one good heavy riff to start it out. Then we get some double vocals from Biff and growly Biff. This one they go into a growling mode I have heard before. I like the big rif and then the Biff vocal and the growly Biff, if it is Biff. Nice melodic bridge in the middle with some great vocals.

Sons of Odin – OK This one must have been made for the Viking fans. All about Valhalla and Odin! Saxon always finds some war or gods to sign about and it never gets old. This one is a medium tempo rock epic. Huge drums and bass, and just heavy guitars to keep it going. Biff then rips a few high ones on this one!!!! I can see the arms in the air already at the concert. The Valhalla Squad will be cranking this one outside vert Vikings home game.

Sniper – Another sweet riff. Paul and Doug have outdone themselves on this album. lot’s of good ones and this is another one. Just a fast ditty about a sniper. What else do you need, oh yeah awesome guitar solo!!!

A Wizard’s Tale – I found myself bobbing my head, ok banging my head to this one right away. Cool guitars doing this intricate riff for the verses it goes into a nice groove for the chorus. Solid guitar solos, with a double solo together at the end. Plus songs about wizards are awesome.

Speed Merchants – Sweet more songs about cars!!! Fast ripping song about cars!! What else do you need from Saxon!?!?!

Roadie’s Song – Just an excellent rock song. Not as fast, but great rock n roll song about being on the road and touring. I like that they write songs about being on tour and the life style. Denim and leather forever!

Check out the videos below if you have not heard anything from the new album.

Over all this is a great record and a must for all Saxon and NWOBHM fans. But hey, if your a fan of either you would not miss it. I have not stopped listening to it.

Thunderbolt comes out on February 2nd and was produced by Andy Sneap, who also did Sacrifice and a slew of other albums.

Saxon will be touring with Judas Priest most of the spring and into the summer.

All tour dates and Saxon info can be found here. – Kyle Hansen