Aerosmith – Twin Cities Summer Jam – Shakopee MN – July 19th 2019

Mystic Lake and Canterbury Park present Twin Cities Summer Jam.

Tonight it is Aerosmith. Mystic Lake and Canterbury park present the Twin Cities latest music festival. The line up contains everything from country, pop and classic rock.

Tonight is Aerosmith with Buckcherry and Chris Hawkey. Chris Hwakey is our local KFAN dj and has made a huge impact on the country music scene. He is a great performer and was a great warm up for the show.

Buckcherry was next. Josh Todd and the guys have a new album out called War Paint. It is really good. A continuation of the Buckcherry sound even after a few changes in the band. Joss Todd was all over the stage tonight even in the extreme heat. The setlist was all over the board. They opened with Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole, did a Footloose cover, did a few song of the F album, four tunes from War Paint, and a bunch of hits.

After Buckcherry was done there was a surprise visit by Chris Hawkey. He has informed us that, by request of Aerosmith, the VIP seats are to be taken away and everyone will be let up front to fill in the area where they are sitting. First off this could cause madness and secondly, if I paid 1200 dollars, yes that’s how much the VIP seats were for all three days, I would be pissed. They were let to go to the barrier first but that money includes a seat and comfort and the ability to go get a drink or go to the bathroom. But everyone was cool and the fans got to surround the stage and make it look awesome.

I was lucky enough to get one of the winner’s circle pit passes the radio was giving out, so was nice and close. Lights go out, logo on screen and Steven and Joe come right up on the stage from each side of the ego ramp out front. They ripped right into Draw the Line, Dude Looks Like a Lady, and The Other Side. It is unreal how good these guys sound for their age. I have seen them mostly every time since 83 and ust thinking about it makes me grateful that I did get to experience them all these times. Most of it was greatest hits tunes as you would expect from them. They did throw in Last Child and the rarely play Lord of the Thighs. I have been comparing the setlist’s with the Vegas residency they are doing now called Deuces Wild. I would have liked to see a couple more songs added and some older ones like they are playing there. Don’t get me wrong the show was amazing, just would like a couple older tunes. The band still fires on all cylinders and rocked the place. They even joked around a lot seeming to have a great time. Steven and his screams, Joe f’n Perry and his Joe Cool swagger, Joey Kramer keeping the beat tight, Tom just being his bass ass self on the bass and Brad Whitford ripping it up on second guitar.

For the encore they brought the piano out for Dream On right in front of us. I thought for sureĀ  it would be on the back stage. Steven got up on it, Joe got up on it, it was way cool to see it once again and that close. As Walk This way closed out the show the memories of all times came flowing back. Let’s hope this is not the last time,.

I am not sure if they will tour again or make new music. They have talked about it. But in the mean time if you are planning a trip to Vegas do not miss the residency at the MGM Theater.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen