Two days with Alice Cooper

Some of you may know that Alice decided to go out on yet another tour for 2017. He will be celebrating 40+ years and will be doing dates all over the world. Some of them will even include Ace Frehley from kiss as an opening act later this year.

I was fortunate enough to see him twice in two days. The first night was at the outdoor amphitheater in Hinckley Minnesota at grand Casino. The second night was at Vetter stone amphitheater in Mankato Minnesota. Both of the sets were identical set lists but both were incredible performances.

They completely revamped their set list and added a bunch of songs that I have not heard him doing years. Some of the highlights for me were “Pain” off of Flush The Fashion, “Escape”, “Cold Ethyl”, “Lost In America”, “Halo Of Flies” and “Only Women Bleed”. The full Alice Cooper show was back! I’ve seen him a number of times over the years. Some of them were more theatrical tours than others but this could be the greatest tour I’ve ever seen him do.

His band which consists of Ryan Roxie (Guitar), Nita Strauss (Guitar), Glen Sobel (Drums), Tommy Henriksen (Guitar) and Chuck Garrick (Bass), make up the perfect streetwise combination of musicians to truly bring the songs to life. It’s fun as a fan to see, all of these different musicians have their very own personalities yet fit into the scheme of the show and add to the music. This could be one of the best touring bands if not the best, Alice Cooper has ever had.

It’s easy to do reviews like this one you love the artist. If you’re not an Alice Cooper fan there’s only one reason, you’ve never listen to the songs. Take the show away and the songs are still outstanding. Their catchy pop numbers that gets the crowd involved and get you on your feet. This is no Celine Dion concert. It seemed to be a perfect mix of old and newer songs. Alice Cooper is about to release a new album entitled paranormal which includes members from the original Alice Cooper group.

I feel completely blessed that this to her made a stop in more than one place that I could go to. I highly recommend you get out there and see it, if at all possible. They will be doing a number of dates this summer as a co-headliner with Deep Purple. So one way or another you should be able to get out to see him this year. Trust me you will not regret it.

Setlist – Brutal Planet – No More Mr. Nice Guy – Under My Wheels – Lost in America -Pain – Welcome to My Nightmare – Billion Dollar Babies – The World Needs Guts – Woman of Mass Distraction – Poison – Halo of Flies – Feed My Frankenstein – Cold Ethyl – Only Women Bleed – Escape – Ballad of Dwight Fry – Killer – I Love the Dead – I’m Eighteen

Review and photos – Tommy Sommers